Members Guide

The 2024 Registration Form is below. It is a fillable form so you DOWNLOAD the form to your computer. After the download you can open it and fill in your registration information.

You can print the form on your printer and sign the form at the bottom.

In person registration is now over but you can still email your form to our registrar [email protected]. Etransfers can be sent to [email protected].

Please Note: Any New members wishing to play House League Tennis must go through a try-out phase to determine your eligibility to play at the House League level.

2024 Registration Form



It is important that all members follow the rules and practice good sportsmanship, courtesy, fair play and
etiquette on court. Please follow the code of conduct to ensure a great experience at the club.

  1. Objectives
    The club aims to a provide a safe playing environment for the benefit of all players and to build a respectable
    and strong club in Bramalea.
  2. Dress Code
    Please use your own judgment and dress appropriately to promote a respectable club.
    When you are on court, you must wear proper tennis shoes and the shoe tag you receive on registration.
    Members not wearing a shoe tag may be requested to leave the court.
  3. Security
    Access to the courts is controlled by a code combination which you will receive upon registration. This code is
    for members use only and should not be shared with any non-member.
  4. Discrimination
    The club will not tolerate any discrimination. Members must respect the rights, dignity, and worth of every
    player regardless of their age, gender, ability, cultural background, race, or religion.
  5. Guests- non-Members
    Members are not allowed to play with non-members.
  6. Junior Rules
    Juniors need to vacate the courts at 6.00 pm unless the courts are not being used by adults.
    Juniors can only play with a non-member parent if authorized by the club coach, such as during Juniors
    and Parents interaction on the Saturday drills.
  7. General Conduct
    Members must:
    Talk quietly while playing
    Not cross behind a court while point is being played
    Avoid excessive noise
    Avoid swearing
    Avoid physical abuse
    Avoid aggressive behavior
    Be fair, considerate, and honest in dealing with other members
    Consider the safety and well-being of other members
  8. Coaching
    Coaching for a fee is not allowed except by coaches who have been approved by the club.
  9. Respect for House league Co-Ordinator and Inter County Captain
    Members participating in the House League program are to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and
    abide by the rules and guideline prepared by the coordinator.
    The house league and tournament coordinator will use their own judgement in setting up the schedules. They
    may accept fair request for the scheduling. Request to play at certain time and with same players is not a
    reasonable request.
    Coordinator should be informed of cancellation, preferably by email, and must be within a reasonable time to
    give the coordinator adequate time to find a sub.
    Players are not allowed to challenge the decision of the inter-county captain, who has the final decision in
    setting the roster.
  10. Disciplinary actions
    The club will take appropriate disciplinary actions, to any member who fail to follow the code of conduct, such
    Request to leave the court.
    Verbal warning
    Written warning.
    Expulsion from the club without fee refund
    Expulsion from the house league session
    Expulsion from the inter-county team