Members Guide

2021 Registration Form

Covid 19 Rules and Regulations


Code of Conduct:
Dress Code
Members are to use their own judgment in deciding what to wear with the following exceptions

  • Absolutely no cut-off jeans
  • Only members wearing tennis shoes will be allowed on the courts
    The fact that you are a member of a tennis club and represent the Club when on the court should help dictate your choice of clothing  Any member of the executive committee can ask anyone inappropriately dressed to leave the courts.
  • ​Shoe Tags
  • Members are required to wear the shoe tag issued upon registration at all times.  The tag is the only means by which other players can identify you as a fellow member.  Players not wearing their tags will be considered non-members and could be asked to leave the court.
  • Security
  • Access to the courts is controlled by  code combination which each member is informed of upon registration.  This code is for members use only and any member found to be providing this combination to non-members risks having their membership revoked.  In the event the Club Executive is forced during the season to change the combination an email will be sent to the members with the new code.
  • General Conduct:
  • Members are to conduct themselves in a manner befitting that of a member in a community club.  This entails:
  • Being social to fellow members, no demeaning of other members, executive, players of other clubs i.e. inter county teams
  • No swearing
  • No visible display of anger
  • Display of insubordination

Should any member be found to violate these rules or in some other manner be a negative influence on club members, Executives and/or operations, the member will receive:

  • 1st: A verbal warning by the President or Vice President and a written letter informing them that if their behavior continues their membership will be terminated.
  • 2nd: If the behavior continues the membership will be terminated for the remainder of the season with no refund.  The member will be informed that should he/she choose to join the Club again next season and their behavior has not changed, he/she will be permanently banned fro the club.
  • 3rd: Any member returning from a one season suspension found to violate the above stipulation will have their membership revoked again and be permanently banned from the Club.

Junior Rules:

  1. Juniors should vacate the courts after 6.00 pm unless the courts are not being used by adults and no adults are waiting.
  2. Juniors can only play with a non-member parent if authorized by the club coach, such as during Juniors and Parents interaction on the Saturday drills.
  3. Juniors cannot play with a non-registered member.
  4. Juniors must always wear shoe tags on courts.
  5. Juniors must wear proper tennis attire.
  6. Juniors must behave in a civilized manner and must not be abusive to other players or the club coach.

Juniors who do not comply with the above rules may face disciplinary actions such as:
Cancellation of membership without refund.

Prohibited from attending Junior drills on Saturday for a specified number of days.